Friday, July 13, 2018

The Every Evening Insurance Policy

Above from the Wilmington News Journal Feb 22, 1928.

A. E. Hantwerker would work for the railroad for 50 years before retiring, he would be the Delmar Delaware Mayor in the 1950s and again in the 1970s. and he had an Every Evening Insurance policy.

The Every Evening Newspaper was a Wilmington Delaware newspaper.  It was connected with the News Journal and several other Wilmington newspapers.  From about 1925 to 1931 it  would feature an accident policy that if you were an Every Evening newspaper subscriber ($6 a year) and between 15 to 70 years old, you could buy $1000 insurance for about $1.50 a year.

The Every Evening Newspaper acted as an insurance agent for the Columbus Mutual Accident Insurance.  Columbus Mutual (Ohio) was founded in 1906 and has merged a number of times but is still in existence.  

Above 1927, the Wilmington Hodgson Mill Yarn Ladies hold up their copy of the Every Evening to show they are subscriber and have the insurance policy. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Crab Cakes from Delmar

The Wilmington News Journal had an article by Patricia Talorico about crab cakes

in which a crab cake recipe from the old  Delmar Bicentennial cookbook was mention
Actually this 1976 Cook book was originally, I think was put out by the Bi-Centennial Committee instead of the Delmar Historical Society but there may have been a version of the cookbook I don't have that was put out by the Historical society.   In the original cookbook the recipe is on page 88

William Hickey and Family

above from the Wilmington Evening Journal 12 Aug 1915

As the article says William Hickey (1827-1915) was living with his son, Harry Hickey, in Delmar.  The Hickey family were from the Wilmington area.  William Hickey had married Mary D. Todd (1830-1891) and their children were; Harry Todd Hickey (1862-1936) and Jennie Price Hickey (1863-1937).  William worked for the railroad and likewise his son Harry worked for the railroad.

Harry while working for the railroad was transferred to Delmar in 1888 where he was the freight agent and latter promoted to yardmaster.  While in Delmar he married Mary (Minnie) Elizabeth Freeny (1866-1947) daughter of Elijah and Maria Freeny.  They had two sons born in Delmar; William Freeny Hickey (1899-1965) and Harry Marshall Hickey (1895-1961).  Harry retired from the railroad in 1929 and moved back to the Wilmington area. Wm F. Hickey would marry Alice Parker of Salisbury. Harry M. would marry Mildred Reigle Fogelsonger (1895-1951) in 1920 of Pennsylvania. William F had a dairy in Delmar.

Of note; Harry M and Mildred Hickey's son, Harry T. Hickey, was in the navy in WW2 and served on the USS Indianapolis.  For those who remember the movie "Jaws", the USS Indianapolis was sunk on July 30th by a Japanese submarine and of the 1198 crewmen on board only 317 survived.  Those that did not go down with the ship were attacked by sharks while trying to remain afloat in the water until rescued.  Harry was not one of those who survived but his body was recovered.  Other Delawareans on board the USS Indianapolis who died were Anthony G. Daniello and William G. Rue of Wilmington, and James A. Tull of Laurel.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

1870 Timetable For Philadelphia Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad

Richmond Virginia The Evening State Journal

Olin W. Dennis

Above from The Indiana Bremen Inquirer Feb 3 1944 

above from the Wilmington News Journal July 13, 1943

Olin W. Dennis died in 1968.  He had worked as a civilian employee at Fort Miles outside of Lewes Delaware. Born in Whitesville in 1919 to Lawrence and Hattie Dennis.  He had a wife; Virginia and four children. 

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