Thursday, June 9, 2022

Some Delmar Fire Aux Photos

1988 Delmar Fire Aux
Idetify a few of the ladies: Front row 3rd from left to right, Della Beachamp, then Marie Stokes. Second row:Hattie Moore, Rose Baker, two ladies I don't know, then Grace LeCates and Ruth Sturgis. In the 3rd row Barbara Triglia is behind Grace LeCates.

1976 Annual banquet 
Lifetime Members Rose Baker, Marie Stokes and Hattie Moore

1974 annual Banquet  Marie Stoke in pink 


Donated by Maggie Legates


  1. Ruth Sturgis is my grandmother. :)

  2. In the 1988 photo; Back Row: Becky Kambarn, Jane Anne Smith, Shirley Morris, Joyce Figgs & Debbie Baker
    3rd Row 3rd from left: (?)Parsons, Hope Pollitt, (?)Mumford
    2nd Row: Jeannie Wootten, (?)Beauchamp

  3. First photo, second row, 4th from the left is Phyliss Beach, Clifford Beach's wife