Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society Historical Essay Contest

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society Historical Essay Contest seeks to inspire Delmar Middle school and Delmar High School students attending school in Delmar to learn more about local history through original research and writing. The Essay contest will have a prize of $100 for the best article written by a Delmar Middle School Student and a Delmar High School Student on some aspect of the history of Delmar and the Delmar area.

Eligibility requires that the essay, ranging from 10 to 30 pages in length, be written by a student enrolled in a Delmar school.

Entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., March 15, 2012. The winner will be announced by April 15.

Style: The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition (2003) is the style sheet. The manuscript and endnotes which should be double spaced must be submitted in the Microsoft Word or Word Perfect format, by email or in a typed quality that can be scanned into the computer.
Criteria for judging are the following: 1) readability and style of the presentation; 2) use of primary source research materials; 3) overall conception; and 4) contribution to the history of Delmar.

In Addition the contestants must sign the below;
I am submitting an original essay to the Delmar Historical and Arts Society’s Essay Contest. I certify that this essay is my own work and that I have abided by all guidelines and requirements of the Contest. I understand that my essay will not be returned to me and will become the property of the Delmar Historical and arts Society to use at its discretion in activities related to publicizing the contest and the society. I further understand that the judges' decisions are final and that if I am selected as a winner of the contest, I will be available for a photo for a press release.

One winner will be selected from the Delmar Middle School and one from the Delmar High School.

Additional information may be supplied by addressing inquiries to

Topics for the essay is any topic that is historical and can be related to the Delmar area. Some examples are;

Airport, Stock car and other race tracks, Movie Theaters, Drive in’s, in-town, Fire Dept, Police department, Elected officials, Schools, One room school, School bus system, Bi-State school system, Ghost Towns in Delmar area, Local lore, Wars and effect on Delmar area, Mills - lumber, grist, grain, Sorghum, Churches, Town Parks, Surveys , Mason Dixon line, Transpeninsular Line, Fluctuation of Delaware Maryland state line, Accidents / fires/ disasters in and around Delmar, Infra structure of town - Water System, Business retail in and around Delmar, Farming, farmers, Indians, Early settlers, Land grants, Stage line, Trains, railroad, railroad structures in Delmar. Oral history from individuals about Delmar Area, Historical Homes, buildings, Transportation - trains, buses, trucking, cars, horse and buggy, Fraternal Orders, Clubs, Civic Groups. Court system, alderman, Unique laws and ordinances in Delmar over the years, Blue laws, Lumber industry and sawmills, Telephone service, Gas utilities, TV Cable utilities, Ice plants, Doctors, Banks, Roads, Road Building, neighborhoods and developments of Delmar and area

Chris Walter – President, Delmar Historical and Arts Society
Howard Dickerson - Vice President, Delmar Historical and Arts Society
Denise Cuglar - Treasurer, Delmar Historical and Arts Society

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