Friday, January 4, 2013

A Couple of Mysteries

At the last Delmar Historical and Arts Society (DHAS) meeting we had two mysteries we are looking at.

First is a spoon that feature the original 1897 bank building for the Bank of Delmar on it. It has thrown everyone off by the spoon saying Bank Of Delmar Del. At first we thought it was the First National Bank (now the Barber shop) on the Delaware side of town but it doesn't look like that building so we have no idea why Del is included. So does anyone know anything about it?

Second was a wooden mantel taken from a house being remodeled over on E. East street. I didn't get a picture - one of those rare times I was without a camera. It is a simple wooden mantel with some decoration from the 1920's. It was manufactured in South Boston VA in 1923 and shipped to Delmar BR Delmar. At this time we have no idea what Delmar BR was. Active in the 1920's was a development around East street and State Street called "Brooklyn" and I thought it may have something to do with that, but I really have no idea.

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