Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Will Of Henry P. Lewis 1884

F:83 Henry P. Lewis Feb last 1884 "A few requests: I want to be buryed in our row on Peters Hill: Jane by the side of me: I want Kirt Evans to make my coffin: at Berlin comon plain. Sent at the same time to the Masons. I want them to burry me, have my apron and scarf put on me, have a black alapackir suit put on me; have my funnerell at the house. I want wife Gertrude Jane to hav the income of the place: as long as she remains a widow, when she marry s or dies I want the place sold and equally divided between my seven children namely: Larra E. Lewis, Julia J. Dennis. John D. H. Lewis, Riley Carrel Lewis, Jula E. Shockly, Viola P. Lewis and Corra E. Lewis. As soon as 1 am gone I want my tools and all that can be done without sold to apay the ispencis and live on the rest. I want John W. Davis to assist you - Jane in the buisnes, he is acquainted with the buisness and you will have to have some one to assist about the sale and getting things reddy. Let him now right away and let him keep informed. Tern the things to the best advantage or come as near to for you and the children. This is my prayer Take particular care of the 2 young children Ola and Cora and each of you meet me in heaven" The above will was selected from the wills that atr in the Wicomico Wills On Line at the Maryland Archives

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