Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wyoming Gives Grants For State History Research

By Kate Snyderksnyder@rawlinstimes.com  From the Rawlins Daily Times                                
The Wyoming State Historical Society (WSHS) is offering cash grants to people involved in research projects about the state’s history. The Carbon County Museum will likely experience a bump in visitors as a result, said Kelly Morris, museum director.
“We have a research area in our museum,” she said. “We have a lot of research capabilities.”


Part of the grants will likely go toward travelling to facilities like the Carbon County Museum to conduct research for historical projects about Wyoming, she said.
The grants will range from $100 to $1,500, according to a press release from the WSHS. The grants will be awarded based on the application. A committee will review all proposals and make final decisions in the spring, the release stated. Proposals must include a statement of purpose, an explanation of the project, the value the project has to Wyoming history and a description of how the public will benefit from the research.
Projects could include writing books, restoration projects and oral histories, which compiles the history using audiotapes and videotapes.
“This kind of money can only help places like ours,” Morris said.
Learning about the state’s history is important for the general public as well as those conducting the research, Morris said.
“To know where you should go, you better know where you’ve been,” she said.
Many researchers spend their own money to fund their projects, she said. While the museum has several services it offers for free, such as staff assistance, if the project is more in-depth, such as setting up interviews, staff services could cost money.
The money for the grants will come from a fund established by the late Lola Homsher, an historian and state archivist, the press release stated.
Previous recipients, applications and rules can be found by visiting the WSHS’s website at www.wyshs.org and then by selecting “Homsher Endowment,” the release stated.

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