Sunday, July 19, 2015

Genealogy Comments

Perhaps the three types of female family members that are the hardest to do a narrative on when building a family tree are those; 1) who died young, 2) never married, and 3) never had children.  There are of course exceptions to each of those three. 

Recently I came across a scrapbook/photo album in a Laurel thrift shop.  It had pictures of a Dorothy Kirby from Newnan, GA and newspaper clippings of the Stallings family again from Newnan.  I have no idea how it landed in the Laurel Delaware thrift store.  I copied a few names down from it, came home and looked them up on  I found Dorothy had died in 1923 at the age of 20.  Her mother Inez was a Stallings and had married a Kirby.  My guess was the album was kept by the mother.  In looking at some of the on-line family trees that had Dorothy in them it became obvious that there was little people knew about her other than a birth and death date.  Dorothy had all three of the problems listed above, died young, didn't marry, left no children.

I contacted one of the owners of a family tree that had Dorothy included and asked if she would like the album and she said yes.  I went back and purchased the album and will mail it to that person next week.  At that time a little family history will have been returned to Georgia and Dorothy will have a face to go in the family tree.

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