Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Couple Of Ebay Items For Delmar Delaware

There are a couple of interesting items regarding Delmar Delaware on ebay;
First is a record by the Welch Family singers From Delmar
with Ellen Mae, Regina S., Danny, Gary and Richard Welch

The second is a 1923 (postmark) postcard to John Handy Culver of the M E Church in Delmar.  The card is from Louise Culver to her brother John Handy Culver who it looks like was in the army at the time.

It looks like State street and First street was dirt at the time

John Handy Culver was born in 1907 to John W. and Elizabeth Culver.  He would died in 1972.  He attended the College of William and Mary and his 1929 yearbook photo is below.  He was active civic person, ended up having his own Oldsmobile franchise in Salisbury. 

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