Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another Hearn - Lola

There is a delightful description of a grandmother who was born in Delmar on "The View from The Porch" blog

The blogger does not give a last name for "Lola" and she does not give her last name as a blogger, I hope I am not messing her up to much, but, as a Delmar historian I would say Lola is Lola May Hearn.  Her father was Carl D. Hearn and mother was Anna Pearl Goldie.  Carl Hearn mostly lived in New Jersey. He was born there after his father Otho Burtrum Hearn moved to that area from the Delmar area.  It must have been by chance that he had return to his roots in Delmar in time for Lola to be born in Delmar.  Afterwards the family returned to New Jersey.  However this Hearns branch does track back to William Hearn, the Merchant and the Kendal Batson Hearns 

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