Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Maggie Mae 1928

Looking at Newfoundland school (SE of Gumboro) again in 1928, The teacher is Maggie Mae Littleton and she had 15 pupils that year.  Mae Littleton had an official home address of Frankford but since that is several miles away I would think she would board with a local family during school sessions.   

You can imagine with the amount of sand surrounding the school that the floor of the school stayed dirty all day.

In 1927 a newspaper article described rural school teachers as being "bob-haired, bob-skirted, suitcase teachers who stay in the rural schools only long enough to get a husband or a better job."  Well Mae Littleton had the bob-hair and I don't know what a bob-skirt is. 

Mae (On left) had started teaching prior to 1920.   She would teach at Newfoundland school from 1924 to when it closed in 1928.

She was the daughter of James and Lenora Littleton of Laurel.  she would marry, in 1932, William Alfred Kelley, a widower, who lived in the Millsboro area. He would die in 1945 of influenza. They would have a daughter Margaret Elizabeth in 1935. She would die in 1978.

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