Monday, January 29, 2018

Drunk and Disorderly

Three New York negroes are serving ten days in the Sussex County jail at Georgetown after failing to pay fines on charges brought following a disturbance on a south bound Pennsylvania Railroad train.

Capt. Oscar M. Thomas, of the railroad police, said the three passengers, Janie Carey, 32, Wilson Carey, 42, and Ethel Pedro, were put in the baggage car when they begin fighting and annoying other passengers.

When the train arrived in Delmar, Capt Thomas said Carey had "passed out" and the two women, their clothing torn, put up another fight when he and Sgt Miles Fitzgerald, also of the railroad police, took them from the baggage car.

Before Magistrate P. H. Hearn they were found guilty of drunk and disorderly conduct and fined $10 each.

above from Salisbury Times, 20 Aug 1946

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