Sunday, June 24, 2018

Pine Woods Farm

Pine Woods Farm was started by Charles Edgar Thomas (1888-1963).  It appears to have been east of Delmar and operated in the 1920s when the strawberry boom was going on.  It is unclear if Mr. Thomas ever permanently lived here.  He mainly lived in Darlington Maryland.  In 1925 they changed their name to Pine Woods Nursery and included shrubs and other fruit plants in their catalog.

Mr. Thomas married Isabella H Robertson (1887-1975) in 1920 in New Hampshire.  She was the daughter of Samuel Robertson and Isabella Brower Robertson of Illinois.

Mr. Thomas was the son of Charles Yarnell Thomas and Rebecca Smith Edge Thomas of Darlington Maryland.  They were Quakers. Charles Edgar was an Agriculturist and had worked for the United Fruit Company in Costa Rica.  He had served in the Navy in World War One.

The Thomas family had Elizabeth and Charles E Thomas Jr as children.  They also lived and spent their lives on the western Shore of Maryland.  He would work as a carpenter and construction starting in the 1930s.

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