Sunday, December 2, 2018

Passport Nose Shapes

I recently was researching Sarah Waples Crosley (1884-1951).  Sarah was born in Accomack County Virginia and she was a nurse for the Red Cross in World War One.  She traveled across Europe and was awarded several medals.  In looking at her passport application however her nose shape was described as retrousse; meaning turned up at the end.
In that time period passport applications had a feature description section giving complexion, face shape, chin shape, eyes, mouth shape, hair color, forehead, and stature.  Of interest the application did not ask which sex the person was nor did it ask their weight.  A brief survey of nose shapes showed descriptions of Big, regular, aquiline, small, pointed, short, flat and long.

Sarah description beside nose; Age - 33, Stature - 5 ft 7 1/2 in, Forehead - Broad, Eyes - Brown, Mouth - Medium, Chin - Round, Hair - dark brown, Complexion - fair, face - round and full

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