Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Sunset Motel

Originally built in 1959 on 7 acres of land next to the Maryland Delaware State Line by Mary "Mom" Kerekesh as the Sunset Motel.  

If you read the description on the postcard it was a standard motel of that time period; no TV in the room but a radio was in each room, there was a TV in the lounge. no pool, but they served breakfast and dinner.  I don't know what the rates were but my guess is about $6 a night.  The chain Motel 6 was started about this time period (1962) and that was their rate per night. Independent owned Motels I stayed in in the early 1960s were usually $4 to $8 a night.  The chain Motel 8 was started about 1972 and their rates were $8.88 per night.

Mary had owned a motel on the Old RT13/Delmar road prior to this also called the Sunset Motel.  With Marys death in 1963 her estate put the motel up for sale for $60,000.  

The property had a string of owners operators over the next 20 years and it changed name to The Traveler Motel.  Some of the people who have operated it are; Clifford Abbott, Lawrence Hancock. Wayne L. Phillips, Harry Allen Banks and finally in 1979 Gambhirsinh C. Chudasama.  The property today is older but kept up and does more long term rentals then over night stays.    

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