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March 15 1901 Delmar Events

Delmar, March 15. Delmar had a smallpox scare yesterday. Prof. Ira Allen, principal of the public school, was taken sick and left on the 2 o'clock train for his home in Seaford He had symptoms of the disease, and being from that smallpox infested town, people here are somewhat alarmed.
The remains of George W. Hearn, who was murdered at Harrington, were brought down on the train yesterday.
Last evening a surprise was given the Rev. W. W. Sharp by the members and friends of the M. E. Church. In the afternoon he and his family were invited out to tea at John W. Clark's, who resides about a Half mile from town. They returned about 9 o'clock in the evening, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Clark, and found stationed in front of the parsonage the Delmar Brass Band, discoursing music, and about 200 people occupying the parsonage and grounds. A bountiful supply of ice cream, cake, &c, had been provided, and with music, both vocal and instrumental, the evening was pleasantly spent. Mr. Sharp was the recipient of a handsome chair.
Above from the News Journal 15 March 1901

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