Saturday, March 28, 2020

A Little About Uncle Dan Foskey

Daniel Henry Foskey (1846-1937) referred to as “Uncle Dan” was a long time Delmar businessman.  Born over in Whitesville in 1846 to Daniel Foskey (1814-1869) and Sallie W. Mills Foskey (1814-1869) he farmed for awhile and then moved to Laurel.  While there he married in 1873 to Annie M Connaway (1848-1924) daughter of Minos Tyndell Talbot Connaway (1811-1894) and Mary Ingram Short (1812-1889),  They had a son, Marion Foskey, born 1875 while in Laurel.  By 1880 he was in Delmar and was associated with Foskey, German and Elliott brick works in town.  He also was running the Grange store in Laurel, Delaware.  The Grange store was one of those cooperative stores popular after the civil war.  It was part of the Laurel Grange or Patrons of Husbandry.  The store in Laurel was in operation from about 1875 to 1887.  Over Mr Foskeys life he seems to always have a store or some business in Delmar.  He was a true Republican and voted his entire life Republican starting with Grant and ending with Hoover.   In 1884 the Foskeys had a second son; Daniel Connaway Foskey born in Delmar.  With nine years between births we can assume there were other children who did not live and whose names are unknown.

Both sons would move from Delmar and take jobs in Philadelphia.  Marion Foskey would work as a teller for the Haddington Title and Trust Company.  The Haddington Title and Trust Company would close it doors in the Great depression but before then Marion went to Atlantic City and in 1906 he married Ferda Grassler,  a 30 year old bookkeeper from Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  The marriage did not last and in 1909 Ferda was in Reno filing for a divorce on grounds of non-support.  Little was heard from Marion Foskey after that. 

Daniel Connaway Foskey also went to Philadelphia.  He worked for the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co as a chief car inspector. In 1908 he married Rena Wolfersberger (1883-1959) of Philadephia.  This marriage did not work out and they were divorced in 1929.  Later in 1929 he married Annie (Nansi, Nancy) M. Evans of Willamsport, Pennsylvania.   Daniel moved to Buffalo, New York where he worked for the International Street car company. In 1950 he died of a heart attack.

Neither son had offsprings so this Foskey branch of the family tree died off when they died.

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