Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday Dinner At The Red Star 1929

Sunday Dinner at the Red Star Restaurant in Princess Anne Maryland.  You had to be quick to eat here as it opened in March of 1929 and was closed in July of 1929.

Restaurants are fragile businesses that are usually poorly funded to begin with and are an individual entrepreneur dream (sometime without practical experience).  If a restaurant last over a year it is a success, There are many reasons for a restaurant to go out of business; the obvious being poor food and bad service.  However there is also another wide range of reasons for closing from government interference, to Covid 19 to the town deciding to dig up the street in front of the restaurant and leaving it dug for a year or so to race riots to rumors about the restaurant staff belonging to some secret organization - just about anything will shut down a restaurant.    In the case of the Red Star Restaurant the closing was due to not  owning the building it was in.  Ada Tyler open her restaurant in a store on Main Street where E. O Smith had had a store.  The Building was owned by Mr. G W Beahler.  Mr Beahler sold the building in May to Mr. H. Edwin Morris.  Mr Morris decided to open a clothing and shoe store in the building and kicked the restaurant out. 

Ada Castle Howeth Tyler (1896-1972) had run the Princess Anne Tea Room for two years prior to opening the Red Star Restaurant.  She was the daughter of Charles Westly Howeth and Laura Dodson Howeth from the Fairmont area.  Ada would marry Oliver Vernon E. Tyler.  They would have three sons; Oliver, Allen and Preston. 

Ada would go on to run a couple additional restaurants in Princess Anne, one being the Delmonico.

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