Saturday, August 8, 2020

Government Bonded Warehouse.1892

 Government Bonded Warehouse.

 Special Correspondence The Morning News

Georgetown, Del., Feb. 19. --  The new government bonded warehouse for the storage of brandy, etc., located here, was opened the early part of this week and already there are a number of barrels of peach brandy in it for storage. Ira H. Melvin of Laurel has bonded fifteen barrels of peach brandy and L. A. Levy twenty-five barrels. The new warehouse is complete in its furnishings and is well adapted for its purpose. It has a capacity of many hundreds of barrels. Applications have been received from numerous other distillers and it is supposed that by the middle of March the warehouse will be filled.

Above from The Wilmington Morning News 20 Feb 1892

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