Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Dinner at Edna's and Johnny's 1950


In 1950 our imaginary Delmar family may have gone for their Sunday drive and stopped off south of Eden for lunch or dinner at Edna's and Johnny's Lunch room and gas station.  One of many gas station/diners combinations that dotted the Delmarva highways in 1950, Edna's and Johnny's was run by Edna Ann Bozman Guarino (1922-2010) and John Guarino (1919-2005).  In 1951 or thereabouts they sold the dinner/gas station and opened a larger Gas station/Dinner at Westover, Maryland.  The first one was called Tom and Johnny's and the second was Johnny's Texaco. 

above 1951 ad

Edna was the daughter of Alfred and Lida McDorman Bozman of Stewart Neck.  She would marry, in July of 1941, to John Guarino who was originally from New York City but at the time working in Baltimore at the Glenn L Martin plant.  They would quickly have two daughters; Virginia Grace and Vivian Ann.  After they moved back to the Eastern Shore they would have a couple of small private business such as the gas station/diner combinations.  In 1955 John would go to work for the Salisbury police department and spent the next 22 years working there.  He went from patrolman to lieutenant.  

above 1959 Salisbury Times newspaper photo Patrolman Guarino

Edna would work at the Wand Shirt Factory in Fruitland. John would pass in 2005 and Edna in 2010.

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