Monday, March 29, 2021

Time To Install The Summer Screen

 With the change of seasons came spring housekeeping.


 In April and May, part of spring cleaning consisted of removing the wooden storm windows and replacing them with wooden framed window screens.  If you were lucky, you hired an odd job man to do the work.  The job would be the cause of much cussing, mashed fingers and hands.  The wood-framed screens would be removed from storage, washed off, and examined for any repairs that might be required. 

Perhaps a little touch-up paint would be applied and then the hard work of dragging out ladders and climbing to remove the wooden storm window.  Then back up the ladder with the screen to hang them from the same hangers used by the winter storm windows. 


Each screen was custom fitted to each window, and as such, some form of identification to match the screen and window was needed.  It could be as simple as a penciled number both on the house and on the screen, or much better was a metal tack with a number punched on it. 

above storm window numbering tacks 

 The window screens made the house more comfortable and helped eradicate diseases carried by flies and mosquitoes, such as typhoid and yellow fever.   Because it was so important healthwise, Boy Scout troops would often help families install the screens.


1927 ad for ES Adkins 

In the 1950s, the aluminum combination storm window and screen became popular, and you rarely see the old fashion wood-frame summer screen now. 

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