Monday, April 5, 2021



South of Delmar on Old Rt13 before you get to Foskey Lane are five houses that sit apart from the other houses.  Well, four older homes and one of more recent age and they look like they may have formed a hamlet of their own and maybe had a name like Hearnsville or something.   

The homes sit on a triangle of land and the homes appear to have been built when George and Edith Gordy had the land in 1910.  George and Edith Gordy were foreclosed on and Richard Herman Hodgson, a real estate person in Salisbury, acquired the land.

 Richard H Hodgson had a survey done of the land in 1927. 

In 1935 he sold the land to William H Hearn and his wife Alice A Taylor Hearn.  The land has continued to stay in the hands of the Hearn family until the last 15 years when some of the lots were sold outside of the family. 

Two of the lots were owned by William Howard Hearn, a son of William H Hearn.  You may remember “Mr Bill” was the stationary engineer and custodian at Delmar Elementary School for over 30 years – retiring in 1977

The land was resurvey again in 2006

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