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Indian Mounds

 20 Indian Mounds Of Wicomico Are Found by Expert


DELMAR. Del.. June 21 William H. Aydelotte, IV, local archaeologist, has completed the first complete Indian mound survey of Wicomico county, Md., reporting twenty distinct Amerind (American Indian) mounds. Most of the mounds in the county are in the west side. There are, however, three very large ones in the eastern part of the county, Mentinzie, being one of them. While there are several other places that may be mounds, Mr. Aydelotte cites, until test pits are made, no definite conclusions can be drawn, concerning them.


Mr. Aydelotte has found that sometimes small and indistinct mounds often yield as much of historical interest as the larger, easily discernible ones.


 It is expected that the second Amerind mound survey will be completed about the last of September. Aydelotte will begin the excavation of an Amerind mound east of Delmar in the near future. Local men will be employed.

Above from the News Journal 21 June 1935


Delmar, Del. , May 24. (Special). Investigations made by William H. Aydelotte, IV, young local archeologist, following a report that there is an Indian mound on the farm of Roland LeCates, at Melson, Md, have shown the hill to be not man-made, but more likely an alluvial or glacial deposit


This was determined by making test pits in which no strata were encountered and by studying the long low outline of the formation.  If the hill was ever dwelled upon by Indians in all probability there would be a circle of very dark soil somewhere on the hill which would  have been caused by the accumulation of charcoal and ashes from the camp fire, says Aydelotte.


 The vegetation there presents no aspect of domestication, nor were there any fragments of flint or other materials used by Indians.

Above from the News Journal 24 May 1935


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