Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Delmar Employees at Letchworth Village 1934


New Employees

Among the new employees who reported for duty during the month of August were Miss Grace Frantz, of Monongahela City, Pa.; Mrs. Theresa Heeney, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mrs. Lillie M. Nelson, of Delmar. Del.; Miss Frances Fish, of Belle Vernon, Pa.; Miss Doris M. Carter, of Monongahela City, Pa.; Miss Blanche C. Robinson, of Delmar, Del.; Mr. Lacey Figgs, of Delmar, Del.; Miss Lucy Van Tassell, of Beacon, N. Y.; Mrs. Adeline McCleary, of Donora, Pa.; Mr. John Thomas Wolfe, of Brooklyn,, N. Y.; Miss Alice Weiss, of Donora, Pa.; Miss Catherine Thompson, of Webster, Pa.; Miss Ruth Sloan, of California, Pa., and Miss Annie K. Grant, of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Above Village Views Newspaper - employee Social Club of Letchworth Village-  4 Sept 1934

Letchworth Village was a residential institution located in Rockland County New York.  It was built for the physically and mentally disabled of all ages.   Built in 1911 it was closed down by 1996 due to inadequate funding and improper care of the residents.  Geraldo Rivera did an expose of it in 1972.  With a 130 buildings it is popular with ghost hunters.  It had a number of Delmar people working at it at various times.

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