Monday, July 19, 2010

Recycled Old School House

Old School Houses, what to do with them after they are no longer needed? In the town of Delmar they are usually torn down.

This is Beaches Schoolhouse. It was on Saint Georges Road a little south of St Georges Church. It was used in the early 1900's and was no longer needed in the late 1920's. A number of my relatives attended this school. In 1928 William R Layfield and Lillie Miller were married. A little later they purchased Beaches school house and moved it to their farm on Delmar road (RT54). They converted the 25 foot by 30 foot school into a house and they raised five children there. Bill, Agnes, Pauline, Ruth Ann, and Clark Layfield were all raised at the old school house.

This is the school today. Years ago a new house was built and the old school was recycled again and moved to the back and became a storage building with a couple of extensions for tractors. It doesn't look that great but it is over a hundred years old and still standing. Bill and Virginia Layfield currently own it.

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