Monday, February 21, 2011

Holloway Town

Holloway Town is a development built by Elijah (Lige) N. Holloway about 1925. It is located north of the Delmar Elementary school on the Maryland side of town. The original plat called for twenty lots on Spruce Street between what is now Pennsylvania Avenue (use to be Railroad Avenue) and Second Street.

The original plat is recorded in book JCK 140/261 at the Wicomico County Courthouse. The lot sizes were basic 50 ft by 150 ft. The homes that were built were of the 800 to 1000 sq ft size. I understand he initially built all the homes and used them as rental property before selling them around 1931.

Elijah Neimiah Holloway was born March 10, 1883. He was a very successful produce buyer and produce broker. He was the son of E. E. and Mary Covington Holloway. He was married first, in 1914 to Della Brown. She died in 1941. He married a second time to Pauline Elizabeth Elzey in 1943. They had a daughter Phyllis E. Holloway. He died at 75 on June 19, 1963 at Spring Hill Sanitarium and was buried at Parson's cemetery. Brothers and sisters were; Charles Edward Holloway, George Thomas (Tom) Holloway, Marion Holloway, Helen Ryall, Lena Walker, Lillie Mae Pruitt. His brother Charles had a plant nursery in town.

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