Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Sale Of Hearn's Cross Roads - 1932


From State Register March 1932


Historic Farm And Other Property Will Go Under Sheriff’s Hammer

An entire town, located two miles from Laurel, will be sold under the sheriff’s hammer this afternoon. The town in question is known as of Hearn’s X Roads, and in days gone by was a thriving business center. The property consists of several hundred acres of high grade farm land, some woodland, and about a dozen houses, a large store, a large potato storage house in addition to scores of barns and other countless outbuildings. William F. Windsor is the present owner of the property and has lived on the farm for many years.

The farm is located on the old main road to Salisbury, Md. and was formerly a thriving business center. I n addition to being one of the leading farming sections, a large brick yard is located on the property, which made a large part of the bricks used in the county at one time, being one of the few such manufacturing plants in the county. In former days most of the traffic thru the state from north to south passed thru this land and the large store did a thriving business. The property is connected to Laurel with a concrete highway and is ideally located for truck farming. The land is the best in the section for the growing all kinds of truck crops, such as thrive in this community.

The sale is expected to attract a large number of curious and interested spectators as it will be one of the largest sales of farm property held in this section in recent years.

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