Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mills and Company - 1921


Progessive Firm of Mills and Company Install New Roasting Device At Their Store

Large crowds of Delmar people have been admiring the new electric coffee roasters which was installed at Mills and Company's store here last week and incidentalling enjoying a cup of delicious coffee which this progressive Delmar firm were serving free to all comers, to show the excellent flavor of coffee made from the fresh roasted product.

The grand opening started last Wednesday and they had secured a demonstrator from Philadelphia for the occasion.  The new and original roaster was installed in one of the windows at the store and coffee was roasted, as well as Jumbo peanuts in view of all who cared to see.

Mr. Mills said Saturday:
"By installing this roaster, the first of its kind in this section, we are able to but our coffee green and roast it daily, thus giving our customers the benefit of a savings of over 10 cents a pound.  Our coffee at 29 cents a pound is the best that can be secured anywhere at any price.

From the Wicomico News, Salisbury Maryland 1921.

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