Friday, July 15, 2016

Joseph Hearn Murder 1841

From The Sun July 9 1841 (Baltimore Sun)

SHOCKING MURDER - The Delaware Republican states that on the 30th ult., a man named Wm. Hearn, 76 years of age, murdered his son Joseph Hearn, aged about 30, in Sussex county, in that State.  It appears that there had been some misunderstanding between the father and son, when it is said, the son threatened to murder his father and mother, and burn the house.  The father it seems was apprehensive that these threats would be executed; and after his son had retired to bed, deliberately took an axe, went to the bed room of his son, and committed the heart-rending and unnatural deed, by striking the unfortunate deceased five blows on the head.  The perpetrator has been committed to jail, at Georgetown, to await his trail, which will take place in October next.

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