Sunday, July 24, 2016

Purina's Delmar Mill

Purina's Delmar Mill in the 1970s

On June 4, 1952 as part of the grand opening at the Ralston Purina Mill at Delmar, Eddy Arnold and his gang were part of the entertainment. Over 8,000 were there for the grand opening and to watch and listen to Eddy Arnold. The show was recorded and later broadcasted for his half hour show. At this time Eddy Arnold was close to the peak of his career so he was a really big star to come to Delmar.

The mill in 2015, today it is owned by Amick.  Grain bags are in front of the mill

From 1951 B-State Weekly


For the past several days pickets from the local carpenters and laborers union have formed a picket line across the entrance to the construction site where the Ralston-Purina Company has begun construction operations

Men of both unions are wearing placards proclaiming the job unfair to their respective locals.

According to a picket man from each trade union the construction company is hiring non-union carpenters and laborers.

The carpenters union is No. 2012 A. F. of L. with headquaters in Seaford, Del. The carpenters union scale is $2.30 per hour, they said.

A picket for the laborers union is from local 847 with headquarters at Georgetown, Del. Their present scale he said is $1.10 per hour , but it is expected to be raised to $1.35 within a short time.

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