Friday, February 2, 2018

Flying the Cub 1936

ad from 1936
No ideal what this ad means, rather the cub is the Taylor Cub (plane) he flew or is it the bear cub from the zoo

Capt Forrest Proffitt Wenyon (1896-1974)born in California,served as a British Army Aviator and was an early Barnstormer on the Eastern Shore, operating out of the Hebron Air Port which was on Springhill road where H A Hastings trucking was.  He had a pilots license signed by Orville Wright.  He lived in Hebron and later after marrying Margaret C. Hubbard Beach in 1943 Rehoboth Beach and was known for training people to fly, transporting Amelia Earhart on her Salisbury tour, carrying food supplies to tangier and Smith Island when it was ice-locked in 1936 and reporting UFOs.  He would die at 79 years old in a nursing home in Lewes.

For information about the ZOO see the post below,

In this 1931 movie ad for a Harrington DE theater it says Capt Wenyon will do stunts (not just stunts but death defying stunts) while flying over the movie theater before each the 6pm showing of Hell's Angels"

above from phila inquirer feb 1936

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