Monday, February 19, 2018

John Elliott and John T. Hadder 1910

Delmar, Md. Jan 6 - John Elliott, aged 30 years, was decapitated and John T. Hadder, 32 years old, was seriously injured, having both legs mangled and his skull broken by being struck by a trainin the Delmar yard of the Pennsylvania Railroad last evening.  The men were mill employes and were returning to work, and while crossing the tracks to reach their homes they failed to see the approaching train.  Hadder as taken to Salisbury Hospital.

above from Baltimore Sun -  7 Jan 910

This accident is a continuation of the bad fortune that befell this branch of the Hadder family.  John Henry Elliott was married to Florence Hadder (1888-1972).  John T. Hadder was called Delonza (Lonnie) Thomas Hadder who was Florence's brother. John (Lonnie) would die the next day from the accident.  Both men worked in the box factory in East Delmar. Lonnie and Florence's father was Tom Hadder who died a horrible death in a sawmill in North Carolina.  After his death his wife Addie Mills Hadder came back to the Laurel area with the children.  Death fell on either them or their husband or wives over the next ten years. Florence remarried in 1913 to Edward T. Conaway who would died in 1940, a few days before Christmas, when mine props he was loading on a railcar in Delmar rolled off and crushed him. Unable to support them Florence would put her children out to different family members to raise.   John Elliott and Florence had one son Loron E. Elliott (1910-1970) who would be born in February of 1910 a month after his death.

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