Saturday, August 4, 2018

Armina Elliott

above from the 1962 Delmar Bi-State Weekly

Armina “Mina” Ethel Chipman Elliott (1886-1962) was the daughter of John Henry Chipman (1851-1888 ) and Mary Jane Gordy Chipman(1850-1928 ).   Her father ran Chipman Mill outside of Laurel and after his early death she received a share of it. She would marry in 1908 to William Norris Elliott (1887-1915). They would have as children: Ethel Mae Elliott (1909-1997) who would marry William Howard Workman, Joseph Norris Elliott ( 1911-1999) who was a farmer, and Carlos Woodrow Elliott (1913-1975) who was a feed and lumber merchant.  Armina spent more time as a widow then married. 

She lived on Ralph Store Road and had a farm.  She was known for hard work.  She had a number of foster children living with her after William Elliott passed away.  Both Paul Carey and Marshall Carey lived with her on the farm.  They were her nephews, sons of George Raymond Carey and Stella “Elsie” Chipman Carey. She adopted Howard Elliott (Harold Ames).  There is not much know about Howard, he was five years old in the 1910 census and was shown as an adopted child born in New York State.  He may not have been adopted in the legal sense but merely “taken to raise” and his last name changed to Elliott.  He was adopted prior to Armina having her own children. 

Her brother, John Emory Chipman, was the principal in the Delmar school.  He committed suicide as did some other Chipman relatives of hers. Her grandson, Joseph William Workman, committed suicide in 1985.

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