Monday, August 20, 2018

The Phone Company and Mrs Mattie Harris

The Telephone authorities are busy making changes in their wiring system preparatory to entering their new office on East Street.  The new building is of the colonial type  and was built by J Frank Brown of this town, and leased to the company  Mrs. Mattie Harris, chief operator, will make her home in the building.

above from News Journal 29 October 1927 Delmar News

Mattie Harris was Martha E. "Mattie" Purnell daughter of William Quinton Purnell and Mary Layton Purnell.  Mattie would marry Walter H. Harris.  She would divorce him in the 1920s.  They would have as daughters; Margaret and Kathleen.  Mattie was the Chief Operator of the Diamond State Telephone Company in Delmar. Her daughter, Kathleen Layton Harris, was the assistance operator at the Delmar Exchange.  Mattie had been in failing health and died in 1932 at age 42.  She is buried in St Stephens Cemetery.
Kathleen would marry Ralph T Messick in 1933.
Margaret (1909-1997)was a registered nurse and would marry John Caskey Cotton

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