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Franklin Elliott and Elizabeth Gordy

Above from the Wilmington News Journal July 25 1928

above from the Wilmington Morning News July 27, 1928

Edwin Franklin Elliott (1910- 1943) and Elizabeth Latitia "Libby"  Gordy (1910-2007 )were both under 20 years of age when they married.  He had graduated High School in 1927 and she had just graduated High School in 1928. Frank had an interest in entertainment and was frequently in various High School drama productions.  as the below  1927 photo shows

Frank Elliott was the son of Benjamin Franklin Elliott (1889-1962) and Helen Mae Smith (1889-1954).  Benjamin Franklin Elliott worked for the railroad.  Libby Gordy was the daughter of Edward Ross Gordy ( 1882 -1933)  and Gertrude Phillips Gordy ( -1923). Ross Gordy also worked for the railroad.  His wife, Gertrude Gordy, had died in 1923 of an unusual problem.  She had gone to a dentist to have a tooth extracted and part of the tooth went down her air passage and lodged in her lung. She was sent to John Hopkins Hospital but the tooth chip was so close to her heart they could not operate and after a couple of days she died.    

Frank and Libby lived in Delmar for a short period of time and he worked for the Telephone company.  Eventually they moved to Salisbury.  By 1940 he was working as a Bartender at the Wicomico Hotel.  He died in 1943.  Frank and Libby would have for children; Ann (1929-2003 ), Barbara (1933-2013)  and Patsy (1935-).  Libby would later marry Arthur Potts.  

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