Wednesday, January 9, 2019

L H Murphy

Above from the Railroad Telegrapher, a magazine for the Order of Railroad Telegraphers

Leonard H. Murphy (1891-1965) was born in Greensboro, Maryland.  He became a telegrapher for the railroad and was at Laurel, Delaware for several years until being transferred to Delmar where he mainly worked the night shift.  From Delmar he was moved to New Castle.  He would marry in 1915, Annie L. Hastings Elliott.  Annie was 13 years older than him and had been married to Joseph Elliott (died 1910).  Joseph and Annie had a son, Norris R Elliott.  The above "personal mention" in Leonard's union magazine refers to the birth of Leonard H Murphy jr on December 18, 1917.  In addition to Leonard they would have a daughter, Louise Adaline Murphy, who would be born in 1919 but would die at an early age in 1921.

An unusual event happened to Leonard in 1915 when he was trapped in quicksand.
above from the Morning News (Wilmington DE) May 25 1915

Leonard, Annie, and Louise Adaline are buried at Odd fellows cemetery Laurel Delaware

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