Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Rev Leo Forse

Although the railroad employee is perhaps the largest occupation to bring someone to Delmar certainly the second largest one would be preachers.  By the natural of the work they are transferred in and transferred out elsewhere.  One minister was the Rev. Leo Forse (1916-1979).  He was raised and educated around Binghamton, New York.  He was a preacher there for a number of years before coming to Delmar to minster at Faith Baptist church.  His wife was Beverly G Steele Forse (1919-1989) and they had for children; Cherie, Dolly, Trudy, Thomas,  and John (Jack).  All were talented musically both singing and playing piano and organ. They arrived in Delmar in 1957.  In 1958 they had a third son, Budd Forse, who only lived one day and is buried in St Stephens cemetery.  From Delmar he moved to Gumboro to preach at a Pilgrim Holiness church and from there to Dorchester county.  Eventually they ended up in Indiana where they both died. 

Their children came of marriageable age while in the area and Jack Forse married first, Shirley Mae Harrington, in 1958 and second, Eleanor Rae Cook, in 1997.  He would die in 2013.  

Cherie would marry an airman from Dover Air Force Base, Kenneth Roger Mullins in 1962.  They would also go to Indiana to be evangelists.

Thomas Trygve Forse would marry Dolores and live in Delmar for a while before  ended up in Glendale, Alabama.

Dolly Forse would marry Bill Judge and live in Grantville Summit, PA

Trudy Forse would marry Kevin Ames and live in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Not unlike a career military person all of the children graduated different area high schools as Leo kept moving. 

above 1957

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