Friday, February 1, 2019

1911 Krause Family Reunion

The Krause family with the father Owen Krause (center), and sons Oliver, Albert, Clinton, Samuel and Oscar.  They moved from the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania about 1894 and settled first in Princess Anne and about 1900 part of the family moved to Salisbury.  They were millers and bakers.  Clinton and his father, Owen, would start a bakery on Olive Street that eventually would become the Sweetheart Bakery. The house they are at is Owens house which sits on the corner of Olive and Division and faces parson cemetery. The bakery is behind the house on land Owen had used to raise chickens. At this time Oscar would be working as  barber in Florida.  Oliver would be living in China and working as a missionary. Albert would be a miller for Cohn and Bock in Princess Anne.

 On the left bottom row is Samuel Frederick Krause (1879-1925) he would buy and run the Delmar Steam Bakery. Mr. Krause had lived in Delmar since about 1900 after he moved here from Princess Anne where he had another bakery. He purchased the Bakery for $4,000 in 1919.  After his wife died in 1923 and his mother also died in 1923 he became despondent and it reached ahead in 1925 when he cut his wrist and inhaled illuminating gas, killing himself. The Bakery was resold a number of times and in the 1950s it became the William Freihofer Bakery.  Samuel’s wife was Annie M. Parker (1883-1923). She was the daughter of Henry J. Parker (1855- ) and Nancy E. Workman (1854-1930).  Samuel and Annie married in 1907.  They had as children; Aline (1908-1986), Albert Samuel (1910-1991), and Nancy Ellen (1916-1988). All would become successful people in Salisbury, where they were taken to live with their uncle Clinton D. Krause after their father’s death.

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