Saturday, February 2, 2019

Records For our Fighting Men

During World War II scrap drives were a popular way for everyone to contribute to the war effort. By recycling unused or unwanted metal for example, the government could build ships, airplanes and other equipment needed to fight the war. Unfortunately, much of our musical heritage was compromised or completely lost due to these drives.  One of those items was old original 78rpm records.  Those records were made of shellac and record companies were severely restricted for their supply of shellac.  Any generation of Americans always feel their parents taste in music was boring and old fashion so when they were asked to donate old records to scrap drive those were the first things pulled out of the attic and tossed on the scrap heap.  A non-profit organization called Records For our Fighting Men was formed and the salvaged shellac was sold to the record companies to make new records for the military.  The money received was used to purchase the new records to send to the troops.  A number of recording artists will never be heard after all their records were destroyed.

above from the news journal 23 July 1942

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