Tuesday, June 25, 2019

1914 Safe Crackers


Their Tools of Crime and Explosives Found in Shanty by Chance


DELMAR. Del., Aug. 27 - The plans of five cracksmen were frustrated by accident a few days ago but the fact was kept secret by the authorities until today, when Postal Inspector Hummer paid an official visit here. For several weeks five strange men have been working at the focal ice plant and, while they were considered rough characters no one suspected they were crooks. When they were off duty they spent most of their time in an old shanty just outside of the city limits, owned by the Delmar Tomato Canning Company, and it was in this building that their tools and other equipment for safe-cracking were found.

The building was being cleaned preparatory to the arrival of a force that was to work at the cannery when a bottle containing liquid was found. Not knowing what it was one of the laborers cleaning the building threw the bottle out the door, where it came in contact with a large oak tree. Immediately there was a terrific explosion and the tree was blown to pieces.

An investigation showed that the explosive was nitro-glycerine. The authorities were notified and they found In the building a quantity of dynamite and a kit of burglar tools. Meanwhile the five men disappeared.

Above from the Wilmington Evening Journal August 27th 1914

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