Thursday, June 6, 2019

D Day

1,500 Salisburians Bow Heads In Invasion Prayer On Main St.

Approximately 1500 Salisburians bowed their head ,in prayer in a mass meeting on Main St. this afternoon for those taking part in the invasion of Nazi-Europe.
Business came to a halt, stores closed,  and ministers and representatives of various faiths offered short prayers.

Harland W. Huston presided over the devotions, introducing Dr. .J. Ieas Green, pastor of Bethesda Methodist Church, who prayed for "those, who in this moment, are being subjected to great peril of life and limb; for adequate leadership, and for a short conflict."

Father Leonard A. Regan of St. Frances de Sales Catholic Church, prayed for the brave men now engaged in battle and for their "speedy return to their homes and loved ones. On this memorable and tragic occasion let us pray for the mothers of men." 

Help Us In This Day

 "Pray God to turn us in the ways of peace and loving kindness toward all men. Help us in this day, L. M. Kaplan said as representative of the Jewish congregation.

"Out of their darkness and their suffering there shall come light and out of their bondage and misery there will come peace," Dr. J. N. Stewart of Allen Memorial Baptist Church said. He asked those present to "Pray that God protect the 700 boys from Wicomico county" last known to be in England.

The meeting opened with the Ringing of "America", led by Dr. Justin C. Wood, and was closed with the Star Spangled Banner. Throughout the day serenity, touched with tension, was in the air as groups of all denominations in their churches with bowed heads.

Even though they all were not under the same roof ,they seemed unified because the prayers were or the men, equally loved, risking and losing their lives for their homes, country, and God.

 "Almighty God, uphold, we pray thee, the United Nations in their struggle to maintain liberty and righteousness throughout the world. Guide us unto thine own victory. Arouse our peoples to generous and courageous sacrifices in the cause of truth and justice "

That was part of our prayer today and representative of those to be heard in the churches which will be open throughout the week. An hour's service at noon each day will be held for business persons downtown by Dr. J. N. Stewart, at Allen Memoral Baptist Church. The first hour of prayer was held at noon today. St Peter's Episcopal Church will hold a special mass at 10 a. m. tomorrow for speeding victory and peace and Sunday the Rev. Nedson ....... 

Five Shoremen Cited For Building Invasion Barges

Five colored soldiers from the Eastern Shore of Maryland have won commendation for constructing giant flat bottom wooden barges in England for use in today's invasion, the European Theater of  Operations has announced.

 They are: Pvt. Ralph Palmer. Hebron; Cpl. William Thomas. Mardela; Pvt. Rosewood L Green and Pvt. Theodore Hayward. Princess Anne, and Pvt. John E. Morris. Westover.

Col. C. A. Noble, their commanding officer, said. "Not onlv did these soldiers of transportation wholly build these barges which will play a big part in spanning the channels to pour supplies and equipment to the fighting units will at the same time relieved an initial rail congestion emergency at various unloading points, and assisted in access road and sorting yard construction for the huge building program."

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