Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A F Callive

"Arthur Callive, a fireman on the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad, was badly scalded on Saturday by the blowing out of a boiler check on engine 31 The cause of the accident will be investigated by the officials."

Above from the Morning News 14 Aug 1912 Delmar News

Arthur Franklin Callive (1879-1946) would live in Delmar and after a few years in Delmar would be transferred to Cape Charles.  Arthur and his siblings were strange in the fact they used the last name Callive instead of Callaway.  In Arthur’s case he used it throughout his life, in his siblings case they used the last name off and on.  They were the children of John Joseph Callaway (1854-1937) and Margaret “Maggie”  J. Holt (1860-1941). 

Arthur would marry, about 1905, Eva Lena LeCompe (1886-1953) from Secretary, Maryland.  Arthur and his wife would have for children; Ruth May Callive  (1906 - 1987) who would marry Whitely Travis, and Elfride Louise Callive (1919-1977)  who would marry Evert Burton.  Both daughters would eventually live and die in Florida.

Arthur would retire from the PRR about 1941. His 1942 draft registration card would mention scars on his hands and feet.   He would die of gangrene of the nose and face in 1946.  He is buried in Cape Charles cemetery.

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