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Married on Thanksgiving Day 1908

Romance in This Marriage

Miss Edna Melson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. U. Grant Melson, of Delmar, and Roscoe T. Powers, stepson of U. G. Glick, of this city, were married at the home of the bride's parents, in Delmar, on Thanksgiving Day, by the Rev. Zach H. Webster. The marriage followed a courtship of less than a week. The groom is but 21 years or age, and it was just after he was discharged from the army a fortnight ago that he met Miss Melson, who was a guest of a friend in this city. Following the marriage Mr. and Mr. Powers came to this city on Friday. They returned to Delmar on Saturday, where they will spend their honeymoon.

Above from The Evening Journal Wilmington Delaware 30 November 1908

as the article says Edna M Melson (1888 - 1966) married Roscoe A. Powers ( 1887-1957) on Thanksgiving.  Her father was a house painter and yes he was named after Ulysses Grant.  Her mother was Eliza Hannah Carmean.  Roscoe was the son of Andrew Clifton Powers (1858-1934) and Monte Morelle Millard. Andrew and monte got a divorce and both remarried.  Roscoe and Edna would have a son in 1910 named Millard Powers.  They would end up in Rehoboth Beach Delaware where their son was in real estate.  They would stay married until their death.  

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