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1927 Vernia Jones

Ad from 1927 Vernia Jones

Vernia George Jones and his wife Wenona “Nonia” Jones came to Delmar in 1924.  Vernia had purchased a lot in Delmar on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Grove street from David Lynch.  There he established his store.  Both were over the age of 50 when they moved from Princess Anne to Delmar.  In the process of moving Nonia had a stroke and was in poor health after that.  She was active in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Delmar.  Their store was often mentioned in the newspaper as being a place Organizations and school classes would have bake sales in front of.   The couple lived on Delaware avenue. 

In 1929 Nonie passed away.  Her body was returned to Princess Anne where she is buried in the Presbyterian cemetery.  Wenona was the daughter of Jacob Robert Jones and Susan Bloodsworth Jones.  Her father was a ship carpenter and she was born in the Mt Vernon area of Somerset count in 1873. Vernia and Wenona did not have any children.

 above March 23 1929 Marylander and Herald newspaper Princess Anne

Vernia George Jones was born in 1865 to James and Mary Jones in the Hungry Neck area of Somerset County.  His brothers and sisters were; Annie Elizabeth, Minnie L, Ida Mae, and Frederick C. Jones.  On March 26 1879 in Worcester county Vernia married Wenona.  They had a large farm in Princess Anne.  In 1920 he sold the farm and purchased the Manokin Creamery Company and shortly afterwards started a grocery store with Ray Gibbons, know as Jones and Gibbons.  The couple lived in the Somerset Heights section of Princess Anne.  In 1924 he again sold all and moved to Delmar.  In 1936 he died and his body was returned to Princess Anne where he is buried in the Presbyterian cemetery.

 above from the Marylander and Herald newspaper October 1936 Princess Anne Md

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