Friday, January 10, 2020

Some Railroad Accidents

The Nabb Center has released some of their Fred Grier photos (446 of them).  They are mostly the fire department in Salisbury but there are a scattering of other photos.  The address to select the Fred Grier album is

I picked out some of those with trains in them for those who follow this blog for the trains.  If no location is given it is assumed it is Salisbury.

1905 train accident 

 1905 train accident 
Fruitland Md 1909

Fruitland Md 1909

Fruitland MD 1909
The 1909 Accident is no doubt the one in which Edward T West was killed and three Railroad men were held accountable for the accident

 above Baltimore Sun May 26 1909
Train Crossing Ocean city Bridge 1915

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