Wednesday, April 29, 2020

George W Gordy Goes To Jail

above from the Wilmington Morning News August 16, 1906

above from the Wilmington Evening Journal December 14, 1906

all to no avail as the Board of Pardons turned him down and he did his five months. It seem to have little effect on his career as he had been a constable and was later made  a constable in Sussex county

George Gordy had a Delaware License to distill liquor as did T A Veasey in Delmar.

1906 State of Delaware Revenue you could buy a distiller license by the month for $20.  George made a product referred to locally as Gordy's "Jersey Lightning" which was a common name for applejack brandy.

George Gordy had married Edith May Conner in 1896.  They had a son Olin Gordy and a daughter Gertrude Gordy.  Both George and his son would die in 1919.  Gertrude Gordy would marry George Stanley.  She would die in 1924 leaving Edith Gordy to live by herself until 1938 when neighbor children would find her body.  All are buried at St Stephen Cemetery.

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