Friday, October 9, 2020

Delmarva Central Railroad wins a short line association business development awards

 The Delmarva Central Railroad was recognized in Train Industry Newsletter as being one of The four railroads that earned short line association business development awards this year have one thing in common: They all gained new traffic by going beyond merely moving freight from Point A to Point B. 

Officials from the Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad, Delmarva Central Railroad, The Indiana Rail Road, and the Ann Arbor Railroad shared their success stories during a panel discussion at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association’s virtual conference on Wednesday.......

Poultry-related traffic dominates on the Delmarva Central, the 188-mile railroad operated by Carload Express. Chief Marketing Officer Cliff Grunstra set out to learn all he could about the poultry industry and found that amino acids, which are essential ingredients in chicken feed, were trucked long distances to suppliers in the railroad’s service territory.

The railroad purchased a former BASF chemical facility in Seaford, Del., that was rail served. Delmarva Central didn’t have any traffic lined up at the time, but wanted to preserve a site that had rail spurs, Grunstra says.

Ultimately the railroad was able to sign deals with a couple of producers of amino acids, Illinois-based ADM and Missouri-based Novus, who now ship via rail to a pair of new transload centers, including the former BASF site......

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