Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Kenwood Inn Tea Room 1932

 In 1932 our imaginary Delmar family may have gone to Salisbury to the Kenwood Inn Tea Room run by Mrs. George Gray for their Sunday dinner.  

The Kenwood Inn was a Victorian style House located at 302 North Division, that rented rooms and had a dining room.  It was run by Mrs. George B. Gray.  Mr. George Bell Gray (1871-1957) was a tailor in Salisbury and he was married to Sarah Emmons Gray (1878-1969).  Mrs. Gray was originally from New York.    The couple had a son, George Emmons Gray (1897-1973).  Back to the Kenwood Inn, in 1933 it moved from 302 North Division to 104 High Street which was another Victorian style house.  

At this time Mrs. Gray had her daughter-in-law, Alice A. Vincent Gray begin to help her.  Of Note; 302 North Division became the Maryland Tea Room run by Mrs. John Hagan.  Alice was from Cape Charles where her father Charles Vincent worked for the railroad.  By 1934 the Kenwood Inn Tea Room moved again this time to Main Street.  

and in 1934 Sarah Gray sold the Kenwood to William Bullitt Fitzhugh Vincent who was Alice's brother.  Of Note; Perhaps and probably Mr. Vincent (since he was born in Cape Charles)  was named after William Bullitt Fitzhugh who started the first newspaper in Cape Charles in 1886 called :The Pioneer".  Fitzhugh would later serve in the Virginia House of Delegates. 

Bullitt Vincent lived in Delmar worked for the railroad .  His wife was Catherine Anna Lank Vincent who was the daughter of Elijah Henry Lank a baggage master for the railroad.  Bullitt and Anna were married in 1920 in Delmar when she was 17 and he was 21.    The couple had a son; Robert "Bobby" Jones Vincent and Elijah Henry Vincent.  

By 1938 the marriage was over and Bullitt Vincent remarried to Helen Fisher Brooks.  In 1940 Anna Vincent remarried to John R. Hines and they moved to the western Shore of Maryland..  

The Kenwood Inn just disappeared after William B F Vincent took over.  He later work as a bus driver for the Red Star Bus Line out of Rehoboth Beach.  

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