Monday, June 28, 2021

Bridgewood Estates


Bridgewood Estates is located on the east side of Delmar Maryland.  It is a subdivision started in about 2000 by Glenn Bridge.   Mr. Bridge got out of it in 2005 at which time it was annexed into the Town of Delmar.  It has a little over 70 lots, with houses on over 50% of the lots.  It was for a while, a Ryan Homes Development.

It is unique in several ways. Each road in the subdivision includes the word “bridge” in it; Footbridge, Drawbridge, Newbridge, Old Bridge lane, Swingbridge with the exception of Trestle Place.  For Delmar the other unique thing is most of the lots/homes are owned by people with an India origin surname.  The residents are mostly small business owners, owning Drug stores, hotels, real estate development companies and convenience stores.   The houses have impressive patios and backyards, well decorated for entertaining. 

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