Monday, June 7, 2021

relegation to profane use


above The Calvary Baptist Tabernacle today

Calvary Baptist Tabernacle at William and Salisbury Blvd in Salisbury.  The building was built in 1948.  It is brick construction 50 by 67 ft.  It could seat 285 in the auditorium and another 75 in the balcony.  Calvary was that old fashion bible thumping, hell and brimstone church. In 1972 they sold the building and built a new building on Tilghmann road, Salisbury, Maryland.     The building has since been a series of muffler, brake, car tuneup shops.  They put in four car bays in what use to the auditorium by knocking doors out on the other side of the building.

In 1948 it looked like this

ad from 1948

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