Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Harry Matthews

DELMAR, Sept 18. - Harry Matthews, 19, was severely if not fatally injured on Sunday when he fell from a horse he was riding on the stone road between Delmar and laurel, his head striking the concrete road and fracturing his skull.  He was taken to the Salisbury Hospital and had not recovered consciousness on Monday evening.  He is a recent graduate of the Delmar high school and had recently became principal f the school at Providence.

Above from The Evening Journal (Wilmington) 18 Sept 1923

Harry James Matthews (1905-1996) would recover.  As the article states he had just graduated (June 1923) one of six graduated from the Delmar Delaware High school and was already a school principal at 19.  He was the son of Phillip J. Matthews and Stella M. Hastings.  After the accident he went on to have a number of jobs.  In 1927 Roland Adkins and Harry opened a candy store on Bistate Blvd between Jewell and Grove St.  He married Mary Hazel Maddox (1905-1967) and they had one child; Charles James Matthews (he would marry Peggy Ann Cooper).  In 1940 Harry was a purchasing agent for a shipyard.  By 1960 he was a mechanic at Brittingham motors.  In the mid 1960s Harry and Hazel moved to New Jersey where both would die.

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